Privacy Policy

Private Pook Games doesn't store or share your data. I have no idea who you are other than possibly your email if (and only if) you have willingly signed up for email updates. I hope you are a person who treats others well, but if not, all the more reason to know less about you, you reprehensible fart!

Please note that depending on the manner in which you use Private Pook Games's software, third parties MIGHT be collecting your data in a way in which Private Pook Games has no direct involvement.

If you are playing DRILLY WILLIS on Steam, you should look into Steam's privacy policy:

If you are playing STURN on a mobile device, you should look into your unique mobile device's privacy policy, along with the ad service's privacy policy:

As for Private Pook Games, I emphasize again that I do not store your data and am not aware of any reason I might wish to.

I will not collect your data in a van.
I will not collect your data in a can.

Never, not even if you write every bit of information that encompasses you on a piece of paper and snail mail it directly to me. I'm one person, and I have no idea where to put that information in the event that I actually had something to do with it, which I don't.

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