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It's Done When You're Done Making Sure It's Done

Dear visitors to the Private Pook Games blog,
I thought I'd jump on here and get things moving by posting something other than a demo and a video, so here goes...
I've done plenty of fiction writing, but I haven't spent much time writing about how game development feels. That needs to change, because the feeling of immersing yourself in game development is unique.
Right now, for instance, I have a game that is playable from beginning to end. It has an intro with a cool (albeit weird) story, a host of areas to explore and fight your way through, and an ending that bookends the experience in a way that makes me proud to call it my own.
So why isn't the game "done"? For the same reason that first drafts of my books aren't "done". Game development, like any other act of creation, is its own beast, but it shares the same need for polish as any other art form, despite outsiders' labeling of it as simple. Music needs to be composed, heard, and reorgani…

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