A Drilly Willis Game Manual!

Are you the type of player who always read the game manual on your way home from the video game store back in the day?Well, here's a Drilly Willis Game Manual for you to read as you wait for the game to release next month!Learn about the characters Drilly meets on their quest, and what weapons, items, and tools will help them escape the Banished World.VIEW THE FULL DRILLY WILLIS GAME MANUAL

Achievements Implemented!

Are you one of those fircely determined individuals for whom playing as Drilly Willis is not enough?Do you fiend for bragging rights as well?Well, my friend, all of your dreams have come true. DRILLY WILLIS now has Achievements (both in-game and Steam incorporated) for you to prove your skills in all the ways your arch-enemies will inevitably fail to do.Wishlist DRILLY WILLIS on Steam HERE...

ECMyersVids Streaming Drilly Willis!

Did you miss EC Myers Vids streaming Drilly Willis?
You did?! How could you?!
Nah, I'm kidding. It's all good. Just check it out in "Not Real Time" right here. I had the privilege of hanging out in the chat and watching a YouTube streamer (known for tackling his arsenal of NES cartridges in alphanumeric order) tackle this project that I've worked so hard to make happen.
It was quite awesome...

Drilly Willis Officially has a Press Kit!

I have high hopes for Drilly Willis, and that all begins with the DRILLY WILLIS PRESS KIT!I aim to conquer GOG, the Humble Store, and the massive video game media collective.And with that, Drilly is coming your way!

Final Gameplay Trailer for DRILLY WILLIS

The final cut of the DRILLY WILLIS gameplay trailer will knock your socks off even if they're glued on your feet. Watch, laugh, and ADD IT TO YOUR STEAM WISHLIST!

Q: "How Did You Get Your Drum Sound?" - A: "There Are No Drums."

Music plays a huge role in the tone and experience of DRILLY WILLIS, so today's game development video focuses on how I composed some big songs with minimal instruments.

STURN on Google Play (Early Access)

STURN (STICK & TURN) now has an Android port!

It's available FREE on Google Play for early access, so if you're up for playing a beta version of the initial 23 levels, head on over and try it out!

STURN is my slightly Katamari-inspired take on the puzzle genre. Objects stick to you as you turn to avoid crashing into walls. I built it for the "ROLL" theme, and the final product received some nice praise.
Give it a shot HERE.