DRUMSTER Prototype

I was attempting to build a "more fluid and natural King's Field" and ended up with this strangely promising prototype instead. DRUMSTER... Drums are literally growing out of your body and you must jam on them to defend yourself. I suppose I could make a normal game, but what fun would that be?   WASD = Move MOUSE = Look L-Shift = Sprint L-Click = Snare R-Click = Crash Cymbal Drumster is a prototype for a game where your body is a drum set. Skeletons have stolen the giant drumstick! Use your sick drum skills to get it back! - Play "rudiments" (snare and crash combos) for extra damage - All actions consume rhythm

Strange Game Streams, 3/23/2021 - NEAR DEATH


Strange Game Streams, 3/9/2021 - CLOUD CLIMBER and CATS ARE LIQUID


Strange Game Streams, 2/23/2021 - FAITH and SWINGY BOY (with a Steam Key Giveaway!)

Tuesday night means "Strange Game Streams with Private Pook"! Tune in tonight at 8:30 PM CST! Tonight's titles: FAITH - SWINGY BOY - WATCH IT ON TWITCH HERE:

Drilly Willis V1.3 with demo and 30% off sale!

Have you considered a career in drillery, but wanted to drill before you try? Now you can! Drilly Willis now has a demo available on Steam! And if the demo whets your appetite, the full game is 30% off this week! PLAY THE DRILLY WILLIS DEMO NOW! 

Introducing "Strange Game Streams"

 The past few weeks I've started streaming odd games by smaller developers every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CST on both Twitch and YouTube. It has been a ton of fun, and I look forward to continuing it. Check out the past few streams below, and suggest a strange game for me to stream -- sgs (AT) privatepook (DOT) com! 02/16/2021 - THE INTERVIEW and POTION CRAFT: ALCHEMIST SIMULATOR DEMO 02/09/2021 - CATTY & BATTY: THE SPIRIT GUIDE and BORING IN PARADISE 02/02/2021 - FRAME OF MIND