Drilly Willis V1.3 with demo and 30% off sale!

Have you considered a career in drillery, but wanted to drill before you try? Now you can! Drilly Willis now has a demo available on Steam! And if the demo whets your appetite, the full game is 30% off this week! PLAY THE DRILLY WILLIS DEMO NOW! 

Introducing "Strange Game Streams"

 The past few weeks I've started streaming odd games by smaller developers every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CST on both Twitch and YouTube. It has been a ton of fun, and I look forward to continuing it. Check out the past few streams below, and suggest a strange game for me to stream -- sgs (AT) privatepook (DOT) com! 02/16/2021 - THE INTERVIEW and POTION CRAFT: ALCHEMIST SIMULATOR DEMO 02/09/2021 - CATTY & BATTY: THE SPIRIT GUIDE and BORING IN PARADISE 02/02/2021 - FRAME OF MIND

DRILLY WILLIS Version 1.2 - New Game +, Difficulty Modes, and Smoother Boss Fights

 Drilly Willis wishes a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and knows that you probably got some fancy game with AAA graphics today that nonetheless disappointed you the moment you turned it on and discovered that it had zero drillheaded heroes and zero ice cream monsters. Never fear! Drilly is here to save your holiday misery with a big, red-cheeked update... DRILLY WILLIS 1.2 NEW GAME +: Keep your purchased upgrades, in-game achievements, and map, and play the game again! If you've beaten the game and started to re-explore The Banished World your save will be automatically updated to a NEW GAME + save. SMOOTHER BOSS FIGHTS: Attack patterns, HP levels, and damage have been adjusted to make bosses a more forgiving and rewarding experience without taking away the core challenge. Which brings us to... DIFFICULTY MODES: You can now choose your difficulty level when you start a new game as well as any time while playing via the OPTIONS menu. Want a balanced experien

DRILLY WILLIS Releases Today! Play It Now!

The time has come to experience a psychedelic Metroidvania about a character with a drill for a head! Drill your enemies! Rock your foes to death! All at a 20% discount for release week! Buy Drilly Willis on Steam! Buy Drilly Willis on !  

Behold the Drilly Willis Original Soundtrack!

The Drilly Willis Original Soundtrack is finished ready to roll! A full game + soundtrack bundle will be available via Steam and (and it will be on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other streaming services) soon after the game's release on November 9, and in the meantime you can stream it below! The music in Drilly Willis is very important to both the game's themes and atmosphere. As a passionate musician in addition to my solo developer role, I put a great deal of TLC into the music. DRILLY WILLIS Original Soundtrack by Mike Grosso

A Drilly Willis Game Manual!

Are you the type of player who always read the game manual on your way home from the video game store back in the day? Well, here's a Drilly Willis Game Manual for you to read as you wait for the game to release next month! Learn about the characters Drilly meets on their quest, and what weapons, items, and tools will help them escape the Banished World. VIEW THE FULL DRILLY WILLIS GAME MANUAL